About Us

If you love tasty fresh delicious home cooked meals but don’t have the time... or talent ;) then Juu's Kitchen is for you! We can teach you how to overcome these obstacles and meal-prep like a gourmet chef in no time!

 Juu’s Kitchen came about from both a love of food, cooking for my family & friends, and then a realization that we all wanted to eat fresh healthy food but it was so hard to be consistent with shopping, cooking and cleaning.

 Now Juu’s Kitchen provides everything you need to get started, and most importantly love your health journey. We know you will enjoy the satisfaction of creating a fulfilling life of modern minimalism tempered with self indulgence.



Initially, my goal was to inspire family and friends to join me on this journey but I learned that not everyone had the time, energy or even skills and knowledge to do it. So I decided to cook for them while I was doing my own. They absolutely loved the meals and through word of mouth I began servicing people I had never met.

This lead me to accidentally start my own gourmet meal prep business, which has been a great success. I began cooking, packing and delivering gourmet meals to people’s homes all over Sydney. Although I had never aspired to be a business owner, it was the feedback I received from my clients that kept me driven and passionate about what I was doing.

Later, I was approached by a wonderful long-term client of ours, that was in the process of moving interstate, to an area where we could no longer deliver. She asked me if I would put together a book or program, so that she could create the meals herself and continue to enjoy the meals, even though they were no longer cooked and delivered for her.

I thought, why not? I have all of the recipes, and I don’t want them to be a secret! If I can’t cook and deliver everywhere in the world, then I will share from start to finish how I do it.

Now, I want to share my passion with as many people as possible. I have an amazing team who share my vision of a convenient, healthier option that is delicious and fulfilling.

Every recipe is an original creation and I feel the most incredible joy knowing that I am helping people eat and feel better, as well as achieve their goals. 

So here it is, the book to get you started on your complete and holistic health journey – The Gourmet Guide to Best Life-ing!

My Health Journey:

Juu's Health journey


My passion for cooking began 8 years ago when I first moved out of home. I loved experimenting with flavors and creating my own recipes. 


When I got older, the hectic demands of work, life and social commitments caught up with me and over time I put on 14kgs. Eventually, I made the decision to lose weight through regular exercising and healthy eating, however I had no idea where to start – like many people, nutritional information labels confused me, and this was just the start.


When I started using meal prep companies, I found they were expensive, small portions or lacked flavor, so I continued to fail by giving in to the tasty takeaway. For me, the only way out was to cook for myself. My range of “healthy” recipes ran out fast and I couldn’t stomach another boring salad.


I then started researching the right foods to eat and ways to cook everything from scratch; avoiding the unnecessary sugar, sodium and other nasties that are added to our food. With consistency, I lost the weight and was feeling more energized than ever before!


And so can you, with Juu’s Kitchen Online Learning!