Week 3 Menu

Week 3 Gourmet Menu

  1. Eye filet beef with red wine jus served with sweet potato mash and clean greens
  2. Soy & Ginger Beef brisket with brown rice and Asian greens
  3. Balsamic & orange chicken served with brown rice & clean greens
  4. Grilled fish filet with papaya & coconut salsa
  5. Vegetable curry served on brown rice
  6. Juu’s Weekly Special (Feeling Lucky?)

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Week 3 Vegetarian / Vegan Menu

  1. Mexican Style -Grilled Tofu with papaya & coconut salsa salad
  2. Asian Style - Soy & Ginger Tofu & Vegetable Stir-fry with brown rice
  3. Fusion Style - Vegetable Curry served with quinoa and clean greens
  4. BBQ Style - Grilled vegetables with red wine jus served on sweet potato mash
  5. Juu's Weekly Special (Feeling Lucky?)
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