A Gourmet Guide to Best Life-ing - eLearning Program

A Gourmet Guide to Best Life-ing - eLearning Program

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Discover how to eat and live well with Juu's Kitchen.

This online eLearning program will provide practical lessons, recipes and inspiration via PDF's, Videos, written lessons, activities, quizzes and Private Mentoring Sessions to enable you live your best life.


  • Practical steps to prep meals like a gourmet chef
  • An in depth look into the Physical Area of life
  • 6-week guided transformation process
  • Inspirational stories from our experts
  • Learn how to plan, shop, cook and most importantly- enjoy the process
  • Save money: how to plan and shop to reduce waste and keep extra cash in your pocket
  • Variety: How to cook 5 different meals a week in 10 steps
  • Exciting Flavors: learn how to prepare your own sauces & dressing from scratch, and never eat boring meals again
  • Get your time back: learn the method, tips and tricks we use to create a week's worth of delicious gourmet meals in 2 hours or less.

    Learn the art of:


     By Julia Brodska